Concrete Companies North Liberty

Concrete Companies North Liberty

The Main Ingretdient of a Strong, Stable Foundation is Concrete

When you are building a home, the stability of a strong foundation is everything. The foundation is responsible for much more than holding your home above the ground, it helps to support the building, resists movement of the soil underneath the building, provides insulation against the cold and it prevents damages from occurring due to water or moisture. So, if the foundation is weak, there is a high probability of serious issues with your home in the future. Concrete companies in North Liberty are experienced and knowledgeable in the appropriate installation of a foundation. In order to understand the importance of the foundation, it is helpful to understand the four-step guide that concrete contractors keep in mind while building a strong foundation for your home.

The Soil Condition

One of the most important steps required before the installation of a foundation is to ensure the condition of the soil. Concrete companies in North Liberty will verify the type of soil and its condition before even considering pouring the concrete. If a soil is inspection is ignored, it can possibly lead to instability in the future. Although a structural engineer and/or an architect are often responsible for the initial inspection of the soil, the concrete companies will also often be present during the inspection to ensure they are aware of any possible problems.

Excavating and Grading

During this process, all rocks, small stones, roots, twigs and other debris that may interfere with the process of building the foundation are completely removed from the soil. Removal of all waste materials is essential because it may also interfere in helping to maintain a specific slope level while the soil is being graded. The soil is then dug to a pre-determined depth.

Building the Foundation

The first step in building the foundation is to install the footings. Concrete companies in North Liberty will either pour concrete into wood forms or directly into trenches to create the footings. How the footings are created is dependent on the type of soil that is present and the type of foundation being installed. Concrete needs reinforcement to add strength and crack resistance to the cured concrete. In some situations, steel reinforcing bars, known as rebars, will be added, which adds extra stability to the foundation. Once the concrete is poured, the contractor will ensure there are no air gaps, which may lead to the development of cracks and then the footings are sealed with a high-quality sealer. One of the most important factors in creating the foundation is the correct mixture of the concrete, including the amount of water used. Also important is the depth of the layer to be poured. All of these factors are reasons why it is always best to entrust the installation of a foundation to a qualified concrete contractor as opposed to making this a DIY project.
Once the foundation has been poured, the concrete company will concrete finishing tools to smooth the top layer of the foundation, followed by another layer of sealer to prevent and get rid of any moisture. Using the appropriate tools, materials and equipment is essential in the correct installation a foundation. Unlike most homeowners, concrete companies have immediate access to the items required for correct installation. Building a strong foundation requires the utmost care and attention to detail, so it is highly recommended that you contact concrete companies in North Liberty to help you customize the foundation for your home.
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