Concrete Company Cedar Rapids

Concrete Company Cedar Rapids

Concrete Companies Prevent Your Foundation From Moving Without You?

When constructing a strong foundation, stability is the key to everything. The foundation of your home does more than simply hold the house above the soil, it also supports the building, resists movement of the soil beneath the building, it prevents water or moisture damage from occurring and it provides insulation. So, basically if the foundation is weak, there is going to be mild to serious problems in the future. A Concrete company in Cedar Rapids will follow strict guidelines to ensure they are building a strong foundation.

Soil Condition

The first and one of the most important steps to building a strong foundation is to hire an experienced concrete company in Cedar Rapids and the first and most important step for a concrete company is to checking the condition of the soil. The type and condition of the soil are critical in the development of a strong foundation. Although there are multiple things that can cause the foundation of your home to become unstable, one of the most common causes of movement in the foundation is due to the soil expansion under the foundation. Soil naturally responds to changes in the weather, such as drought conditions or extreme rainy conditions. When the soil undergoes repeated expansion and contracting, it causes the ground to shift, placing stress on the foundation, which eventually causes cracking.

Slab Leaks

Another common foundation problem that a concrete company in Cedar Rapids encounters is slab leaks. It is common for a plumbing leak to go unnoticed for a long period of time, but they are extremely damaging to the foundation. An under-the-slab plumbing leak will allow moisture to enter the soil beneath your home, which causes the soil to expand. When the leak gets into the soil, it causes the soil to expand, which gives it enough volume to exert extreme force on the foundation of your home. Even worse, when the soil dries out it contracts, causing consolidation (the soil decreases in volume), which ultimately creates deterioration of the foundation.

Compacted Soil and Inadequate Drainage

Compacted soil is also a problem a concrete company in Cedar Rapids often encounters. If the soil is heavy compacted it may cause the foundation to settle or sink into the ground over time. Inadequate foundation drainage can also lead to the destruction of the foundation. It is essential that all flower beds and other water sources around the foundation have adequate drainage. If water is allowed to puddle for long periods of time at the base of the foundation, the water will eventually find its way under the foundation, which may cause a shift in the soil.

Signs of a Shifting Foundation

Movement of the foundation can cause a variety of interior and exterior problems, such as sticking windows and doors, buckling floors and cracks in the walls and ceilings. As the problem progresses, there will be visible cracks on the exterior of the building. When the soil first begins to shift, swell or move, some of the first symptoms are cracks over the doors or at the top of walls (just below the ceiling). If you notice any symptoms of a damaged foundation it is essential that you contact a concrete company in Cedar Rapids as soon as possible for an inspection of the foundation.
In order to help maintain the integrity of the foundation, it is essential that you arrange for repairs as soon as you notice a problem. In order to extend the life span of your foundation, it is necessary to routinely walk the perimeter of your home, carefully checking for damages, such as small cracks and shifts in window frames.
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