Concrete Company Iowa City

Concrete Company Iowa City

Questions to Ask Your Concrete Company

Concrete work is a tough job, so if you have concrete on your property that needs work, it is probably not a typically DIY home project. But, you have to get the problem fixed, so you contact a concrete company in Iowa City to the work. You probably already know which local companies to contact, but do you know what questions you should ask the contractor? If you aren’t sure, here are some common questions to ask and the answers you should expect.

What Type of Warranty Do You Offer?

A concrete company in Iowa City will usually provide you with a warranty, often times it is for one-year. If the concrete company doesn’t offer any type of warranty, it may be best to work with another company. If the warranty is longer than one-year, make sure you learn the details of the warranty, because a contractors warranty may contain several clauses that prevent them from covering the most likely repairs.

Can You Provide Pictures of your Previous Work?

In most situations, a concrete company in Iowa City will have photos readily available for you. If the contractor cannot provide pictures or customer references, they may not have the experience you expected. Most concrete contractors will have photos of their previous works as well as information that will allow you to get in contract with previous customers for a referral.

Do You Cleanup When the Job is Done?

Concrete work can be messy and it is common for some contractors to get a little careless and make quite a mess of your yard, especially with a large project. A concrete company in Iowa City will usually do their best to avoid making an unnecessary mess, but things happen. Keep in mind that a messy concrete contractor isn’t necessarily a good reason to avoid working with them, but it is important to ask who will be responsible for cleaning up any messes left behind.

How Long Will the Job Take?

The amount of time it takes to complete a concrete job is dependent on the type of concrete work being done. For example, it may take longer for the concrete company in Iowa City to install a retaining wall than it will take to pour a driveway. However, the contractor should be able provide you with an estimated date of completion. If the contractor hesitates to answer, he may work for an unreliable company or be someone who starts a job, leaves for a few days then returns to finish the work.

What Happens if It Rains on The Scheduled Installation Day?

A concrete company in Iowa City is most likely accustomed to rain delays and possible damages to the concrete resulting from the rain. In most situations, a concrete contractor will delay the work to a different day if there is a chance of rain on the scheduled day. it is important that you understand the importance of possible delays in the case of rain, which may ruin the concrete mixture or interfere with proper curing.
While “interview” concrete companies in Iowa City, it is important to understand that not every concrete job is the same. So, even though you are given a start and finish date, there may be problems that arise that interfere with the job, such as the weather. Make sure you ask all of your questions prior to signing a contract and do not agree to anything you aren’t comfortable agreeing with.
If you need concrete work done, contact Kelly Concrete Co. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your concrete projects.
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