Concrete Contractors Iowa City

Concrete Contractors Iowa City

No Caulk Allowed! Cracks in the Foundation Need a Concrete Contractor-Not Caulk

One of the biggest mistakes many homeowners and business owners make is reaching for a caulk gun instead of reaching for the number for concrete contractors in Iowa City. Tilting chimneys, cracked foundation walls and/or stair-step cracks in the brick are often mistaken for natural settlement of the structure-unfortunately, this does indicate settling, but it is typically not normal. As the soil under the foundation settles over time, it typically settles more uniformly, which doesn’t cause any visible, cosmetic signs of settlement. However, if the soil settles at different rates, it can and usually does cause obvious problems to the foundation. By caulking the visual symptoms of foundation problems, you aren’t solving the problem; you are simply treating the symptoms. So, before you grab your caulk gun, take a few minutes to consider the following important tips about foundations and why you should contact a concrete contractor.

Soil Instability

Foundation cracks are typically the symptom of soil instability and soil instability cannot be fixed with a caulk gun, it simply covers up the true problem. The best solution is to contact concrete contractors in Iowa City about stabilizing the foundation in the areas where it is sinking. An experienced concrete contractor will have this procedure down to a science.

Foundation Estimates are Typically Free

If you think there is a problem with the foundation, concrete contractors in Iowa City are glad to provide you with an inspection and a free estimate. It is important that you make sure your contractor is insured licensed and in good standing with other customers as well as a third party evaluator, such as the Better Business Bureau. An experienced, reputable contractor will give you an honest answer as to whether the problem is caused by the foundation or something else.

Full Disclosure

If you are considering putting your home or business up for sale and disguise the symptoms of “settlement” you may be at risk for assuming an unnecessary liability. If the future owner of your current property finds that the building or home was need of repairs and you forgot to disclose the problem or that you fixed or caulked the bricks, you may be liable for the repairs even after the fact. It’s better to avoid the risk by going ahead and contacting concrete contractors in Iowa City to make the repairs; it may be less costly than the alternative.

Stabilization-Not Cosmetic

If there are problems with the stabilization of the structure, the underlying problem needs fixed, not just a cosmetic touch-up to the warning signs. This type of repair requires a contractor that is experienced in foundations. In order to repair the problem, the load will need to be transferred from unstable soil to solid piers. This is dangerous and difficult work, so it is essential you only hire a qualified contractor to complete the project.
If there is a problem with the foundation, whether it is in a few days or a few years, the problem will worsen. Foundation problems can create a whole host of additional problems, such as unsightly cracks on the interior and exterior walls of your home or even prevent the windows and doors from opening and closing properly, which can be a fire hazard. When you hire reputable concrete contractors in Iowa City they will likely offer a warranty on their work and the warranty may even transfer with the sale of the building.
If you are starting to notice cracks in the foundation, do not grab the caulk gun, instead contact Kelly Concrete Co for an inspection and estimate to properly repair the foundation.
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