Concrete Flat Work

Concrete Flat Work

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Concrete Flat Work

Concrete is an extremely durable and strong material, which explains why there are concrete structures are all around you. For walkways, garages, driveways, basements, steps and patios, concrete flat work is usually the installation of choice. Concrete is significantly less expensive than brick or stone masonry and the increasing finishing options and expertise in concrete, make it also a completely aesthetical. One of the most important things you should know about concrete flat work is that it is not your typical, bland home improvement installation. Concrete requires careful considerations, much like your floor coverings or countertops, matching the concrete finish and design to your other projects will significantly enhance your home.

Options with Concrete Flat Work

Concrete flat work is not always created equal; both with the structural integrity and the decorative functions. Premium, high-quality concrete installation requires the precise mixing of aggregates, quick installation and complete curing time and experience in application techniques in order to achieve a finish that is strong and durable. Different techniques and metods will produce a variety of different finishes. A smooth finish is typically used indoors, but smooth concrete may become slippery, so brush-textured concrete is the best for exterior concrete flat work. There is much more to the finishing than simply the strength and safety. Decorative concrete flat work can be created with a wide array of interesting and warm effects. For example, flat work can be used in the creation of countertops, interior flooring and even coffee tables to provide interesting features to your home. Of course, flat work is also used to create amazing looks for your driveway. Basement floors are typically concrete flat work, which means they can also be given an interesting look, which allows you to extend you living space to an area typically overlooked.

Possible Problems & Solutions For Concrete Flat Work

Although concrete is considered to be one of the most durable materials available, there is still a potential risk for problems. Problems with concrete can be caused by a number of different reasons, but if you are having issues with your concrete flat work, the good news is there is probably an easy solution to fix the problem. Some of the most common problems and solutions for flat work include:
  • Stained or dirty concrete-concrete flat work, such as driveways or walkways may become stained or splotchy with dirt. This is an easy fix, by simply having the stains removed by a professional concrete contractor, who will power-wash the concrete and seal the surface to prevent future problems.
  • Chipped or cracked flatwork-fissures and cracks can happen, especially if the concrete is compromised by tree roots. A concrete contractor can inspect the flat work to determine the problem and usually make repairs without having to remove the concrete.
  • Broken or cracked edges-unfortunately, wear and tear on any hard surface can chips and breakage on the edges. This is often caused by erosion or hard impacts, but the cracks can usually be fixed with various techniques, such as a concrete overlay.
  • Flaking concrete-if you notice flaking concrete, especially in the foundation, it may be a sign of the concrete mixture being flawed. Concrete is strong and durable, but in some situations, especially if the concrete was poured when the weather was bad or with an inappropriately mixture of concrete, it can flake. Contacting a concrete contractor will help determine the source of the problem and the solution.
Concrete flat work is all around you, in places you never expected to see it. Like other materials there are problems that may occur, but concrete is much easier to repair than most other materials. Concrete flat work is no longer the dull, gray concrete you may be familiar with, it is now made to look like almost any design or other material you choose.
Regardless of the type of concrete flat work you want or need, contact Kelly Concrete Co, we can help with everything from driveways and foundations to flooring and retaining walls.
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