Concrete Patios

Concrete Patios

5 Benefits of Concrete Patios

If you are thinking about ways to renovate your outdoor living space, the addition of concrete patios offers several benefits that go well beyond the cost-effectiveness. Homeowners who want a low-maintenance and safe patio that can turn their plain backyard into a welcoming oasis, concrete is the material of choice. Here are 5 benefits homeowners can expect with the installation of concrete patios:

Safe and Low Risk of Injury

Outside of concrete, the other commonly used material for patios is wood. Although wood may look appealing when it is first installed, the elements takes its toll on this material, causing it to dull, turn grey and become a serious risk for injuries. Eventually wood begins to splinter, posing a risk for injuries to bare feet and the wood may eventually rot, and posing a risk for serious injuries should you or a guest fall through the boards. Concrete patios are solid, smooth and durable. There are several optional coatings that can be applied to prevent slips and falls and there is no risk of splinters or falling through a concrete patio.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike wood, concrete is an environmentally friendly material. Wood patios require repeated use of staining and sealing with chemical laced products, while concrete can be sealed with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly sealer. Concrete is also a permeable material, which means it will absorb excess water runoff, minimizing the amount of runoff that may pose a risk to wildlife. Concrete patios are also typically constructed from local materials; reducing the amount of air pollutants that typically results from the transportation of various woods.

Quick Installation

One of the best benefits of concrete patios is that an experienced concrete company can set up the forms, pour the concrete and sculpt a design in a short amount of time. In many situations, you can have your concrete patio installed in a day or two, which means you could be relaxing outdoors on a new patio within days.

Low Maintenance

Concrete patios require very little maintenance and upkeep. Like all building materials, concrete will begin to wear over time, however, it is much more affordable and easier to repair than other building materials. Unlike when using paving stones for a patio, you won’t have to worry about continually pulling weeds and there is no need for continuous sealing like with wood patios. Concrete is extremely easy to clean and if stains do occur, your local concrete contractor can quickly remove them with a power washer.


You can customize the texture and color of concrete patios. A concrete patio can be stained in almost any color or hue and the surface can be stamped to look like other, more expensive building materials, such as marble, stone, brick or flagstone.
Concrete patios add beauty and value to your property, but one of the best benefits of using concrete as your choice in building materials for a patio, is the cost. The cost for materials, labor and maintenance is significantly less expensive than if you were to use other building materials. The lifespan of concrete is also significantly longer than other materials and there is no risk of insect infestations in concrete like there is in other materials, such as wood.
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