Concrete Pumping Cedar Rapids

Concrete Pumping Cedar Rapids

Concrete Delivery is Made Easier and Quicker with a Concrete Pump

Concrete is one of the most popular types of building materials. However, concrete can sometimes be difficult to work with. So, to help with the difficulties in pouring concrete, the industry has come up with several ways to pump concrete where it is needed. Sometimes, the only way to make a project work is by pumping the concrete into place and even when this isn’t the case, companies providing concrete pumping in Cedar Rapids often represent the most efficient way of placing the concrete at a job site. Pumped concrete is one of the ways that concrete companies stay ahead of the crowd and offer the most versatile methods of delivering concrete to a site. Not all job sites have easy access, so the need for smaller and more maneuverable concrete pumps is available.

Benefits of Concrete Pumping

Having access to concrete pumping in Cedar Rapids enables companies to deliver concrete to almost any location, regardless of where the site is located or how difficult accessibility to the site is. Due to the extendable boom that is fitted to the machine, concrete can be delivered to locations that below ground, away from the road, at high levels and even through another building. Because many concrete pumps are able to deliver concrete a far distance from where the vehicle sits means that concrete can be delivered to more specific spaces. Another benefit of using a concrete pump is that job sites are not disrupted by heavy trucks driving across them and the concrete can be more efficiently delivered, without sustaining damage to the construction site area.

Concrete Pumping Machines

There are several different types of concrete machines used for concrete pumping in Cedar Rapids, including:
  • A boom- this is a large vehicle that has the concrete and pump on board. Boom trucks have an extremely long reach, so they can stay in one place while pumping concrete into various locations on the job site. A boom truck enables maximum efficiency and allows concrete contractors to the job done quicker.
  • A line pump-this is a portable unit that allows the user to move around on the job site. It can also be used for pumping mortar, sludge, grout and other building supplies. Since this type of pump is moveable it commonly used in areas where there are a large number of sites to elevate the concrete to. Unlike a boom pump, a line pump is not self-contained and the concrete must be mixed and stored elsewhere.
  • A separate placing boom-this is used to bring concrete up to areas that difficult to reach with a boom truck or when there is no boom truck available. These are large pumps that must be mounted on strong framework. They are often used for pouring large amounts of concrete, such the concrete used in the installation of a slab.
Choosing a company that provides concrete pumping in Cedar Rapids depends on your specific needs. The more information you are able to provide the concrete company about the site and the type of concrete needed, the easier it will be for the concrete company to determine which type of concrete pumping machine is best suited for the job. Keep in mind that operating a concrete pump requires a trained professional, because they are large pieces of machinery and if you use the type of concrete in the wrong type of pump, it can have disastrous results. For this reason, concrete pumping is not typically a DIY task and you should leave the job to a professional concrete company.
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