Concrete Pumping Iowa City

Concrete Pumping Iowa City

Concrete Pumping 101

Concrete pumping in Iowa City isn’t something new and it does actually mean the contractor is pumping concrete. Since concrete starts as a liquid the substance can be pumped at extremely high volumes and with the appropriate kind of equipment the concrete can be delivered into very tight places; in places where a standard concrete truck typically would not fit.

Pumping Services

When it comes to concrete pumping Iowa City homeowners typically associated these services as something used on large construction projects. Many people see large concrete pumping trucks on large building sites and assume these are the only places where this type of equipment can be used. However, concrete pumping is a service also done in any industrial or residential area where the streets are too narrow for larger trucks. Other places concrete pumping services are used may be where a smaller pump can be sent in to pour concrete for sidewalks, swimming pools or concrete slabs for new construction homes.

Concrete Pumping Equipment

One of the largest pieces of concrete pumping equipment is called a boom, which can easily reach over 900 feet. This type of equipment for concrete pumping in Iowa City may be something you have seen putting concrete into tall forms for support structures. When not in use, the boom arm folds up robotically and looks like a folded up accordion that is stored atop the truck. If a concrete mixer truck cannot be driven into the location, a boom truck is typically used. This equipment is able to deliver concrete over the top of buildings, down narrow alleys and into places that would otherwise be impossible to maneuver any other type of equipment.
Another type of concrete pumping equipment is called a line pump. This type of pump has a slower volume, but it is able to get into the places that a boom truck cannot fit in. This type of equipment is often used for concrete pumping in Iowa City for jobs such as ground slabs, sidewalks or swimming pools.
Most concrete pumping jobs are either require extremely large concrete placements or are in difficult to reach areas, such a second floor or a basement that has limited access. When concrete pumping in Iowa City is done using boom or line pumps can make the placement of concrete much quicker and easier, which ultimately saves you time, labor and money. Pumping concrete is much easier than pulling the concrete from a wheelbarrow, chute or concrete buggy and concrete pumping machines make it possible to do construction jobs that would otherwise require an extensive amount of time and money to complete.
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