Concrete Retaining Wall Iowa City

Concrete Retaining Wall Iowa City

4 Reasons to Consider Using Concrete for a Retaining Wall

If you have sloped areas in your yard that experience soil erosion and run-off, it may be causing more problems than you are aware of. When it comes to landscaping projects, one of the most commonly overlooked things to include is a retaining wall. A concrete retaining wall in Iowa City may be the best option for protecting your property and possibly the foundation of your home. Concrete is a durable material and when used for the construction of a retaining wall it offers a wide range of advantages. If you are planning on having retaining wall constructed as part of your next outdoor renovation project, here are four reasons why you should consider using concrete as the primary material.

Extreme Durability

Concrete is able to withstand even the toughest wear and tear. Unlike wood, with a concrete retaining wall in Iowa City there is no risk of damage by insects or moisture. Concrete also holds up extremely well in the varying weather conditions that Iowa City homes experience, including extreme cold temperatures. In the chance that there is damage to the concrete it is typically easy to repair, without having to remove the whole structure. A concrete contractor will be able to simply fill in a crack or even replace a chipped piece with only a few materials and a little labor.

Budget Friendly and Cost-Effective

When you are on a budget for your outdoor projects, concrete is the number-one material of choice. It is typically less expensive to construct a concrete retaining wall in Iowa City than it is to use other materials, such as wood, stone or brick. The durability of concrete means that it will also last longer than other materials, so together, the low costs of materials and the high life expectancy makes this project a wise long-term investment. The savings you will have reap on the retaining wall will allow you make other enhancements to your yard, such as a new concrete patio, walkway or other landscape feature.

Low Maintenance

You deserve to spend time enjoying your lawn, not spending time, money and energy maintaining it. Unlike wood, you will not have to re-stain or seal a concrete retaining wall in Iowa City every summer. It is tough enough to withstand the Iowa City elements and insect infestations. When using concrete for a retaining wall and even when using concrete for poured surfaces, such as a driveway, patio or walkway, you won’t need to worry about grass or weeds growing between the seams. Not only is weeding is a time-consuming concern with bricks, stone and wood, but the cleaning and maintenance required for these materials is also time-consuming. A concrete retaining wall simply needs the occasional scrubbing and hosing off.

Versatile and Attractive

One of the best things about a concrete retaining wall Iowa City homeowners enjoy is how it complements the architectural style of their home. Concrete retaining walls serve two purposes, they protect your lawn from soil erosion and run-off and they add a design element to your landscaping. A great way to make the retaining wall a primary feature in your yard is to have the concrete retaining wall blend in with other concrete features on your property. For example, having concrete driveways or patios stamped and stained to match the staining on the retaining wall will significantly enhance your landscaping design.
If you are looking for ways to incorporate more environmentally friendly features into your landscaping, concrete is the perfect solution. Stone and wood that are used in the construction of a retaining wall must be harvested from the natural environment, which usually creates an irreversible damage to the environment. These materials also require the use of solvent-based and/or toxic cleaners and sealers, which may lead to dangerous chemicals ending up in the soil and ground water. Concrete has a very minimal impact on the environment and the materials used for a concrete retaining wall in Iowa City are typically obtained from local resources.
To learn more about the advantages of using concrete as the primary material in the construction of your retaining wall, contact Kelly Concrete Co., we’ll be happy to address and questions and concerns you may have about concrete and/or retaining walls.
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