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Most common Questions About Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is standard concrete that has a sleek, high-gloss finish. The finish is typically attained by using a special floor polisher that has been fitted with abrasive diamond disks that are like sandpaper, only more abrasive in order to remove the top layer of the concrete. The abrasive disks are used to grind down the surface to the desired degree of smoothness and shine on the concrete. The result is a low-maintenance, elegant looking flooring. Here are the answers to some of the commonly asked questions about polished concrete Waterloo homeowners may ask.

Can All Concrete Floors be Polished?

Almost any floor made of concrete in Waterloo can be polished as long as the floor itself is structurally sound. However, there are few exceptions for both existing and new concrete floors.
  • Before considering the possibility of polishing an existing floor, it is best to talk with an experienced concrete contractor to determine if the floor is a good candidate for polishing. It is common for some surface preparation to be required before polishing concrete, such as removing grease, dirt, blemishes or previous coatings. A concrete floor that needs extensive patching, is extremely porous or that is wavy may not be a good candidate for polishing.
  • A new concrete floor must cure, which usually takes about 28 days, before the concrete can be polished. This is just to ensure the concrete has had enough time to fully harden before being polished. Although there is no specific mix for concrete that is going to be polished, some companies want the concrete to be installed as smooth as possible in order to minimize the polishing steps.

Polished Concrete Looks Slippery…Is It?

Polished concrete in Waterloo homes and businesses typically has a slick appearance and a high-luster shine, which often make people question whether it is a slippery surface or not. The fact is, when concrete is clean and dry, it is typically not any more slippery than a standard concrete surface; actually polished concrete is often less slippery than polished marble or waxed linoleum. If you are concerned about the risk of accidents, for example if the polished concrete floor will be in an area with high traffic that includes the elderly or children, there are anti-slip conditioners that can be applied on the polished concrete to provide added protection against an accident. Other than your regular damp mopping routine, the conditioners do not require any additional maintenance or cleaning needs.

Is it Difficult to Clean and Maintain Polished Concrete?

There is very minimal maintenance required for a polished concrete floor. Cleaning and maintenance typically includes occasionally damp mopping the floor to remove dirt and/or grit. Polished concrete floors will keep their shine for years to come, but if it is in a high traffic area, it may need to be buffed with a polishing compound occasionally. If the floor needs additional touch-ups, it can be lightly re-polished with a fine-grit abrasive.

Is it Expensive to Polish Concrete Floors?

The overall cost of polished concrete in Waterloo is significantly less expensive than many other flooring options, such as wood or slate. The process to achieve the ultimate shine may take more than the average steps it takes to install tile or wood flooring, but it is extremely cost effective. The cost of installation is extremely reasonable and you will save on the cost of maintenance, which is extremely inexpensive. In the long run, after the concrete floors have been installed, you may actually save money on your energy costs because concrete helps to retain heat and cool air, which will save you money on heating and cooling your home or business.
Have more questions about polished concrete? If you need answers or you want to schedule an appointment to talk about having the concrete in your home polished, contact Kelly Concrete Co., we will be glad to answer your questions and concerns and schedule an appointment to have the concrete in your home evaluated for possible polishing.
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