Pole Building Slabs

Pole Building Slabs 

The Basics About Pole Barn Slabs

Pole barns do not require a foundation like those that are used in traditional buildings. The columns of a pole barn are usually embedded in concrete holes in order to support the weight of the building. However, when pole building slabs are installed, it is typically best to pour the concrete slab after the pole barn has been built.

How Are Pole Building Slabs Installed?

After the poles have been embedded into the concrete holes, pole barn slabs are created by placing a wood form around the perimeter of the pole barn to pour the concrete in. The bottom of the wood frame should be even with the bottom of the pole barn floor. The concrete can typically be poured through the main door of the pole barn, but if the contractor needs more room to pour the concrete slab, some of the metal wall panels can be removed until the concrete has been poured.

Preexisting Pole Barn Slabs

Pole barns can also be built on top of existing pole barn slabs, but in most cases, the holes for the poles will be cut into the concrete slab in order to embed the poles into the soil. If you don’t want to make holes in the slab, it might be possible to use brackets for mounting the pole barn to the concrete slab. In this situation, you will need to have a building inspector verify that the concrete slab is able to support the weight of the pole.
The strength of pole barn slabs depend on the soil underneath it, so it is essential that the concrete be poured on a site that is well drained and has appropriately compacted soil. In most situations a slab that is about 4-inches is sufficient enough to hold the weight of the building. Concrete is the most popular flooring option for a pole barn that is used for a workshop space or storage space, because the concrete will be able to withstand heavy weight without sagging or leaving depressions. However, if the pole barn will be used to house animals, it is recommended that concrete not be used, because it will be too hard on the animal’s joints, it doesn’t have any shock absorbency and it will hold strong odors.
To learn more information about pole barn slabs or to schedule an on-site estimate for the installation of a pole barn slab, contact Kelly Concrete Co.
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