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Concrete Retaining Wall Cedar Rapids

A Mini-Guide for Concrete Retaining walls

A concrete retaining wall in Cedar Rapids is a must for lawns that experience run-off and/or if you have concerns about soil erosion. Concrete retaining walls are installed within your yard and typically serve as a protection against run-off and soil erosion, but they are also often installed as a part of landscape designs. The size and design of the retaining wall is dependent on a variety of things, such as the slope and level of the ground.

What Exactly is a Retaining Wall?

First and foremost, a retaining wall is meant to be a protective structure that is used to hold back soil from another structure or a building. A concrete retaining wall in Cedar Rapids will provide support for near-vertical or vertical grade changes and prevent down slope movement; they are designed to hold back ground that might otherwise move downwards. They help to stabilize sloped landscaping and provide a flat surface at elevated intervals. A concrete retaining wall serves a dual purpose; they provide a functional production as well aesthetic and landscape design features. When concrete retaining walls are installed by qualified concrete contractors they will help to enhance the value of your property.

How Does a Retaining Wall Work?

A concrete retaining wall in Cedar Rapids works to prevent erosion by making long slopes shorter and breaking up the slope into more level ground. By blocking the runoff, heavy rains are able to soak into the ground rather than running off and taking the soil with it. The retaining wall is can be thought of as steps in an embankment. The soil is cut out of the slope in order to create a level landing area. It is important to have proper spacing between slopes and the shorter the length of the slope is, the less chance there is for runoff. The construction of a retaining wall can either be level or sloped as long as it is strong enough to contain the pressure of the soil weight, while being porous enough for suitable drainage.

Where can a Retaining Wall be Installed?

A retaining wall in Cedar Rapids is perfect for preventing small mounds or hills beside your home from land sliding, but they are also ideal for design features in your garden landscaping or buttressing wall portions of your house. It is also common to install a retaining wall near a patio to protect land slide into the patio setting. The size of the retaining wall depends on the degree of the slope and the degree of concern for soil erosion, but in most situations they can be used in almost any area of your property.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Concrete Retaining Wall?

Along with the aesthetic appeal of a concrete retaining wall in Cedar Rapids, they provide a wide range of benefits, including;
  • Preventing sink holes
  • Eliminating unappealing dirt piles and hills
  • Provide functional support to keep soil in place
  • Helpful in preventing flooding
  • Prevents damage to your property and/or surrounding structures
  • Prevents erosion and reduces maintenance
Whether you are searching for additional aesthetic appeal or you need landscape retention, a concrete retaining wall in Cedar Rapids can be an ideal enhancement to your property. They provide a distinctive look to your landscaping with a crucial purpose. The more exposed the soil is to surface runoff, the faster the rate of the flow is and the greater the damage will be. Installing a retaining wall on uneven land can have a positive effect on an otherwise disastrous effect erosion can have on your land.
Regardless of the size of the problem you are having with soil erosion and runoff, contact Kelly Concrete Co. to learn more information about how installing a concrete retaining wall can help to reduce the risk of further damage.
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