The Risks of Injuries and Possible Lawsuits Resulting From Damaged Sidewalks

If you have sidewalks around your home or business that are cracked and crumbling, you are probably aware of the fact that they are an eyesore, but did you know that cracked, sloped and crumbling sidewalks are also a danger. A sidewalk that has issues, such as unevenness, cracks or crumbling can be a danger for anyone who walks on them. If you are sidewalks that are not in the best of shape, you should be aware of the potential risks. Here is some brief information on the dangers of damaged sidewalks and what you can do to repair them.

Risk of Accidents

When sidewalks are cracked or damaged, anyone who walks on it is at risk of getting injured. It is extremely easy for the toe of someone’s shoe to get caught in a crack and send the person tripping forward and falling. Also, if a crack is large enough, someone could easily twist an ankle or become hurt in other ways. Another problem is children riding bicycles on a damaged sidewalk could get serious injured should their bike tire hit a crack or uneven section of the sidewalk. If damaged sidewalks are near a commercial building, it could also present a serious problem for individuals in wheelchairs.

Potential Lawsuits

One of the greatest concerns with damaged sidewalks is the risk of a potential lawsuit. Both business and residential accidents that occur on a sidewalk can result in a lawsuit against the property owner. If someone trips and falls, there is possibility of them getting seriously injured and if they are injured badly enough, they may file a lawsuit against you. The risk of someone getting seriously injured on a damaged sidewalk on your property is a scary thought, but the thought of a lawsuit resulting from these injuries is extremely risky.

Sidewalk Repair

Fortunately, all it takes to prevent the risk of someone getting hurt and/or filing a lawsuit is to repair the damaged sidewalks. Concrete companies are experienced in repairing any type of damage that may occur to a sidewalk, including cracks, separation and crumbling. If you notice any damages to the sidewalks around your property it is essential that you have the problem repaired as soon as possible to prevent the risk of an injury.
It is essential that you make it a point to routinely inspect the sidewalks on and around your property to look for any potential damages. One of the most common causes of damages to sidewalks is overly large tree roots that push up the concrete as the root grows under the ground. If you suspect there are tree roots causing issues with the sidewalks, contact a local tree company to discuss removal of the tree as well as a concrete company to repair the sidewalk. If the sidewalk is damaged as a result of age or simply wear and tear, you should contact a concrete company to inspect and repair the damages. By understanding the risks involved with damaged sidewalks and knowing what you can do to prevent something from happening can help to reduce the risk of an injury occurring on your property.
Do you have damaged sidewalks on your commercial or residential property? Contact Kelly Concrete Co today to learn more information about getting the damages repaired as soon as possible.
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