Concrete Cedar Rapids

Concrete Cedar Rapids

Top 5 Benefits of Resurfacing Concrete

When it comes to old, dirty and worn concrete Cedar Rapids homeowners have a few options to refresh it. Some of the options are time consuming and expensive, such as tearing out the old concrete and pouring new. However, there is an easier solution to the problem… resurfacing. If you prefer to not spend a lot of time, energy and money in an effort to refresh the concrete on your property, resurfacing is an excellent option. Resurfacing consists of using a thin, cement-based overlay that contains special bonding agents that is poured over the deteriorating, old, stained or worn concrete. Here are the top 5 benefits of resurfacing concrete.

Cost Efficient

The process of resurfacing concrete in Cedar Rapids is much easier on your pocket than ripping out the old and pouring new. Resurfacing can be significantly less expensive than several of the other options to refresh the concrete. The cost of labor and material is also much less than other treatments and this process will hide the damages, making the concrete look new again.

Visually Pleasing

Resurfacing concrete in Cedar Rapids provides you with the availability of a several design and color options. For example, the concrete resurfacing can be tinted with colorants to provide a customized look or you can request the resurfacing be stamped with an attractive pattern or finish. Resurfacing will allow you to customize the finished project so it blends perfectly with the interior or exterior design features of your home or business.

Easy to Maintain

One of the best advantages with having resurfacing done by companies that specialize in concrete Cedar Rapids homeowners find the most enjoyable is that they won’t have to worry about excessive maintenance. To keep the concrete looking clean and new, it simply takes regular cleanings and possible resurfacing at various intervals. It only requires a little effort and time on your part to keep the surface looking new.

Better Air Quality

Resurfacing concrete in Cedar Rapids means there will be less dust and debris that is retained on the surface, which is excellent for those who suffer with allergies. Resurfacing a space, such as flooring in the interior of your home may help to significantly reduce the amount of air pollution in your home, which provides your family with cleaner, fresher and higher quality air.

More Resilient

When resurfacing concrete Cedar Rapids companies use extremely durable and high quality materials, some of which may be stain resistant. Resurfacing is amazing at hiding small imperfections and it will typically last much longer than the original concrete surface you had before.
When resurfacing concrete Cedar Rapids homeowners will find the process to be much quicker than some concrete projects. Concrete that has been resurfaced will have a smooth and level surface. Heat leaves concrete quickly and remains cool to the touch most of the time, so when it is installed in the garage or basement it will help save on energy costs in the summer, because the area will be naturally cooler.
If you have unsightly concrete on your property and want to learn more about your resurfacing options, contact Kelly Concrete Co., we will be happy to come out, inspect the area and provide you with an estimate to help you get the area looking new again.
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