Concrete Companies Coralville

Concrete Companies Coralville

Hiring Professional Concrete Companies is More Cost Effective Than Doing it Yourself

When it comes to doing projects around the house, DIY homeowners are often fearless. However, certain projects are better left to the professionals, such as concrete work. Concrete projects require careful calculations, time, accurate measurements and patience and they are costly to repair as well as remove and haul away. Hiring professional concrete companies in Coralville to install your concrete projects may be much more cost effective than making DIY mistakes.

Project Importance and Size

If the concrete project you are considering is something small, such as a patio, then a competent DIY homeowner is like to have success. However, for large projects, such as foundations and/or footings, it is probably best to hire professional concrete companies in Coralville. They have the experience required when it comes to correct mixing, building forms, drying times and whether the project needs additional reinforcements, such as rebar. Keep in mind that it will typically cost more to haul away and replace a project that has been poorly executed than it would’ve cost to hire a professional at the start.

Common DIY Mistakes

Professional concrete companies in Coralville understand the value of planning and correctly mixing the concrete. Before the concrete is poured, a form should be built for the specific project. Knowing what the maximum dimensions of the forms is a critical step in prevent the cracking and slumping of the final project. One of the most common mistakes is to make the pad too large. Another common mistake is failing to make the form or concrete template level. It is important that the sides of the form be laid out carefully in order for the finished project to be level. The foundation should also be level in order to prevent the concrete from being deeper in spots, which will cause it to dry unevenly and create deformations in the concrete. It is common for DIY homeowners who are trying to rush a concrete project to not measure the water and instead only add water to the dry concrete mix until it looks the right consistency. However, there is a higher risk of improperly mixed concrete cracking than properly mixed concrete. Concrete requires proper measurements, leveling and time to pour it correctly.

Quicker and Better Equipped

Since professional concrete companies in Coralville are familiar with the characteristics of the medium they are working with, they are able to complete the project quicker than those who have less experience. It is important to ensure the concrete contractor guarantees the results and will quickly repair any problems that arise with the project. Professional concrete contractors will also have all of the equipment necessary to complete the project. For example, large projects may require equipment such as a concrete mixer, which is typically much more expensive to rent or buy than smaller tools. Professional concrete contractors also have the necessary tools to properly apply the finish required for the surface of the concrete.
Concrete projects, such as repairing cracks and other damages to the foundation can help to increase the stability of your home, but there are also concrete projects that can improve the curb appeal of your home, such as the addition of a patio or decorative walkway. However, when these projects are done incorrectly there will typically be more expenses to correct the problem as well as possibly decrease the stability of your home and take away from the curb appeal. By hiring professional concrete companies Coralville homeowners can actually add value to their home and rest assured the task will be done safely and correctly.
Whether you are concerned about your home’s foundation stability or you want to add decorative concrete enhancements to your home’s landscaping, contact Kelly Concrete Co to learn more information about how we can help with your concrete projects.
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