Concrete Coralville

 Concrete Coralville

Concrete-The New “No Wax” Flooring Option

If you love the look of a polished stone floor, but aren’t thrilled about the cost of stone and the labor required for installation, concrete in Coralville is an inexpensive, durable and high-performing alternative. Concrete is known for its cost-saving and durable features and now homeowners and business owners can take advantage of concrete in the flooring materials. Polished concrete has become a popular choice in flooring because of three main benefits; lower maintenance, aesthetics and the lower cost.

Cost Effective

One of the best benefits of polished concrete is there is less cost for maintenance. Polished concrete in Coralville is frequently used in schools, hospitals and industrial buildings because of its ability to hold up to excessive foot traffic. When installed in a residential setting, the polished look will hold up much longer than traditional “no wax” floors and polished concrete floors are easy to clean. They are highly effective at resisting scuff marks and only require occasional mopping to keep them looking their best. A polished concrete floor eliminates the need for regular and messy waxes, as well as the expense, time and labor to apply them. Concrete's dense surface also resists staining from liquids or oils and it has a longer lifespan than other materials, such as stone or vinyl composite tile.

Aesthetic Appeal

The finished look of polished concrete in Coralville is often compared to the look you would expect from expensive stone tile; the finished product is as shiny and beautiful as stone tile that is much more expensive than the concrete. Once the aggregate in the concrete is smoothed and exposed, polished concrete has a natural stone look. One of the things to keep in mind when choosing polished concrete flooring is that the polishing often exposes some of the imperfections in the concrete, these imperfections give the concrete character, while give you a unique, one-of-a-kind floor. The imperfections that are sometimes discovered after polishing are one of the most appealing characteristics for those who are searching for a natural, yet functional look.

Increased Ambient Lighting

Polished concrete has high light reflectivity, which is another great benefit, especially in when polished concrete flooring is installed in office buildings, home basements and other areas where light reflections are wanted. Polishing concrete in Coralville homes and businesses provides a high degree of shine that is quite similar to polished granite or marble that has a high-gloss coating. Polished concrete flooring means there is better visibility and fewer lights are needed.
Not only are polished concrete floors striking in appearance, but most of the polishes used do not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), which also makes the flooring an environmentally friendly surface. There are no waxes applied and the exposure of the aggregate in concrete produces a look of stone. Polished concrete in Coralville can also be stained to modify the look and color of the polished floor.
Are you searching for a polished stone style of flooring that doesn’t require continuous waxing and excessive maintenance?
Contact Kelly Concrete Co. to learn more about how polished concrete may be the solution to your flooring problems.
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