Grain Bin Pads

Grain Bin Pads

The Importance of Grain Bin Pads and Signs of Pad Failure

A grain bin that is solidly constructed is extremely vital for farmers throughout Iowa. Fortunately, Kelly Concrete Co is a local concrete company that is able to construct one of the most important aspects of quality grain bin…the grain bin pads. Before the grain bin itself can be put up a solid pad must be put in to support the bin itself. If the grain bin pads aren’t able to properly support the grain bin, there are several problems that can arise, including damaged yield and grain bin failure.

Preventing Future Problems

The most common problems with grain bin pads occur when the ground beneath the grain bin is not properly packed down. Before the grain bin pad or the grain bin is put in place, it is critically for the underlying soil to be well-compacted. This will prevent the soil from shifting later on, which can ultimately cause weakness and/or cracking in the bin pads. The correct installation of grain bin pads depends on the expertise of professional concrete contractors who are familiar with the installation of grain bins. Another important aspect of correct installation is that the concrete must be properly mixed according to the temperature and the amount of the mixture being used. If the concrete is improperly mixed, it may cause the grain bin pad to heave and/or crack over time. Cracking may lead to water leakage and other serious problems that could cause extensive and expensive damage to the grain being stored in the bin.

Signs of Grain Bin Pad Failure

There are a number of different ways that grain bin pads can start to show signs of failure. Some of the most common signs you should be aware of may include:
  • Settlement in the grain bin pad
  • Cracks in grain bin pad
  • Grain bin pad heaving
  • Noticeable shifting in the grain bin pad
  • Sloped or uneven pads
  • The grain bin is pulling away from the pad
If your grain bin or grain bin pad is starting to show signs of failure, it is critical that you contact an experienced concrete company as soon as possible to inspect the grain bin pad as well as the surrounding ground. If there are significant problems, the bin may require jacking services, which is a process used to temporarily lift the damaged grain bin from the pad in order to repair the damages to the grain bin pad. Once the bin has been lifted, the cracks in pad can be sealed or if the problem is severe enough to warrant a new pad, one can be installed while the grain bin has been lifted.
If you are experiencing problems with your grain bin pads, contact Kelly Concrete Co as soon as possible to schedule an inspection and make arrangements for repairs before further damages occur.
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