Home Builders Cedar Rapids

Home Builders Cedar Rapids

Tips to Help You Prepare for Building a New Home

There are a number of benefits with constructing your own home, but one of the best benefits is that you have the option to completely customize your living space. As a new home builder, you can choose the flooring, cabinets, fixtures, appliances and even additions such as extra bathrooms that will make your new home unique to your tastes. The possibilities may seem overwhelming at times, but if you are open with the home builders in Cedar Rapids that will be constructing your home, you can build the house of your dreams with all of the features you want.

Prepare a Budget

Before you start browsing through catalogs and websites looking for the perfect countertops or flooring options, it is essential that you consider how much money you are honestly able to invest in the property. When you initially meet with the home builders in Cedar Rapids, you will be given a base price that is often quoted to potential buyers. This price will include the basics for your house, such as living spaces, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. The basic model price includes just that…the basics, so you will most likely want to make changes. Creating a realistic budget will allow you to include changes, while knowing your limits. It is important to stick to your budget as close as possible.

Pre-Construction or Post-Construction Upgrades

Depending on the home builders in Cedar Rapids you work with, your contractor may offer pre and post construction upgrades.
  • Pre-construction upgrades are additional amenities that are essentially a structural component, so they cannot be changed once the walls in your new home go up. These amenities may include things such as additional bathrooms or changes to the original configuration of the layout.
  • Post-construction upgrades may include additions such as outlying spaces like sheds or carports. Other items such as decorative touches, appliances, countertops or special carpeting typically fall into this category as well.
It is typically best to prioritize pre-construction over post-construction upgrades. Since it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to add another bedroom or another bathroom once the walls have been installed, it is usually best to prioritize pre additions. Post construction upgrades can usually be added within a few months or even years after the home has been built and you may have a larger budget later on.

Resist the Urge to Over Customize

Almost any fixture or feature in your home can be customized. You may be easily tempted to simply customize everything, after all this is your space. But, you may want to resist adding on too many personal touches. When meeting with home builders in Cedar Rapids, pay close attention to your choices and choose wisely, Over-customizing may make it extremely difficult to resale the home in the future. Potential buyers will want to make the space their own as well, but if the entry way floor tiles are monogrammed, it will be difficult to sell the house to a buyer that isn’t interested in replacing the tiles.
Owning your own home is one of the biggest financial responsibilities most people have in their lifetime. You’ll want to make sure the people in charge of turning your dream home into a reality are trustworthy and reliable. So, it is important that you work with home builders in Cedar Rapids that you trust. Before you sign any contracts, talk with family members, friends and former customers to learn as much as you can about the potential home builders. Investing your time in doing the research will pay off down the road when you have a home that is structurally sound.
Constructing your home is exciting, yet overwhelming, so to ensure you are working with reliable and trustworthy home builders, contact Kelly Concrete Co and learn how we can make your dream home a reality.
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