Concrete Dubuque

Concrete Dubuque

5 Amazing Benefits of Stained Concrete Floors

Stained concrete floors are quickly becoming a popular flooring option for residential projects as well as commercial buildings. Flooring made from concrete in Dubuque is becoming so popular because of the wide variety of benefits and advantages that this type of flooring offers. From the low maintenance and lasting durability to the cost savings, stained concrete floors are the perfect choice in almost any residential or commercial setting. Not only is concrete cost effective, but a stained concrete floor can also have a variety of decorative elements that will intensify the look and aesthetic appeal of the flooring. Some of the benefits that come with stained concrete flooring in a commercial or residential setting include:


One of the most beneficial qualities of stained concrete Dubuque homeowners can look forward to is the durability and resistance to wear and tear, even in high traffic areas. A stained concrete floor offers the same durability as concrete paving, including high compressive strengths. Unlike some flooring options, a concrete floor will not buckle, warp or flake. Stained concrete flooring is also resistant to fading or discoloration and when a quality stain is applied correctly it will not peel or chip.

Water Resistance

With flooring made from stained concrete in Dubuque low amounts of moisture are able to pass through the concrete without leaving behind any noticeable or negative effects. A stained concrete floor will not grow mildew or mold, will not rot or warp and it will not discolor like many other flooring surfaces when they have been exposed to moisture from below or above.

Optimum Indoor Air Quality

There are four main sources of poor quality indoor air:
  • Odors from cleaning agents and smoke
  • Allergens, such as mold, mildew and dust mites
  • Retained dampness and moisture
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), which are emitted from some building materials
Stained concrete flooring eliminates all of these problems with poor indoor air quality, because concrete does not allow for the growth of mildew and/or mold, moisture is easily evaporated, dust mites do not collect on concrete, concrete flooring can be easily cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals and the flooring can be installed with sealers that either contain low or no VOC’s.

Energy Saving

One of the best benefits of concrete Dubuque homeowners can expect is to save on their energy costs. Stained concrete flooring has thermal mass properties, which is the ability to absorb, store and release heat and coolness. Due to the thermal mass, exposed concrete flooring, including stained concrete floors, have the ability to reduce the load on your HVAC equipment by moderating the indoor temperature swings, even when the outdoor temperatures are drastically different.


It is becoming extremely important for homeowners and business owners to use environmentally friendly and sustainable building materials and methods during remodeling and building processes. Because concrete in Dubuque is made from local products, is energy efficient and uses waste or recycled products during the manufacturing, stained concrete flooring is a sustainable building material. Other environmentally friendly benefits of stained concrete floors is that they reduce operating costs, will rarely (if ever) need to be replaced, have little construction waste and they promote an optimal indoor air quality.
When properly installed and designed a stained concrete floor can be made to look like far more expensive flooring, such as marble, granite, slate, flagstone, sandstone or travertine. A stained concrete floor will give you an elegant and stylish look, but at an affordable cost. Even floors with single colored concrete in Dubuque can give your home or business a unique look.
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